Monday, August 25, 2008

Please Check This Out

The Photographers of Etsy have been working diligently creating a new blog - I hope you'll give it some love here.

Today's theme is Mosaic Monday - the pics of berries are so luscious you'll be running out to the produce section to get some real ones!

Thanks for stopping by, hope you'll check out the new POE blog and some of the great photographers' shops as well.

Peace, Judi

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Saving The Planet – My Little Dents

How many of you have thought about the amount of electricity that is used by all the electronic gadgets that are turned off in our homes? That is not a typo – many, many items now are using power even when we are not using them.

Here’s a partial list:
-DVD player
-Stereo with remote control
-Anything which has a remote control
-Microwave oven
-Programmable coffee maker
-Programmable toaster
-Power strip
-The stove (if it has a clock)
-Battery chargers

Each night I shut down my laptop and when it’s all the way down, I turn off the power strip so that external drives, modems, printers, etc. are off with one switch. I’ve been doing this as far back as I can remember, originally for my own ease.

If you’ve been reading my ramblings for any time period, then you know I went away to work in Louisville, KY, earlier this year. Before I left, I unplugged everything I wasn’t going to be using while I was away; many of those items are on the list above. When I received my electric bill for one of the months I was away, I was very pleased at how low it was. This caused me to think about two things – my finances and the environment.

So now, any of the items on the list above that I own (except for the stove, too dangerous to fool with a 220 outlet and plug) I unplug when I’m not using them! When I want to watch a film, I plug in the appropriate player and TV and unplug them when finished. If I want to “zap” something, I plug the microwave oven in, clear the flashing clock, cook the food, and unplug it again. Not so hard, takes just a few extra seconds.

I hope you’ll look around your house and find even one item you can completely turn off. Every little dent will help.

Peace, Judi

Friday, August 1, 2008

Looking For Work

Well, I’ve finally realized that I have to have a job. The photography market has almost completely stopped, at least for me, and I need to eat. Although I will keep my Etsy and RedBubble shops open, my focus must turn in another direction for now.

Here are some of the jobs I wish I could have:
1. Stand up comic – however, I am not very funny except for the occasional pun (and hopefully this blog post!)
2. Singing duets with Barry Manilow – hmm, he seems to be doing OK by himself and Vegas is very far away.
3. Fashion designer – well, I didn’t study it when I was in my teens; probably too late to break into that business 40 years later, eh? I did design some pretty cool things for my paper dolls however … wonder where those got to?
4. Mystery writer – trouble is, the mystery is so good I can never figure out what it is!
5. Book reviewer – alas, my reading is very slow; by the time I finish the book I’m sure even the 5th grade students would have read and reviewed it for the school paper.
6. Fashion model – being vertically challenged puts the damper on this one!

So, I guess I will have to look for something more mundane and ordinary and in the field where I have worked most of my adult life – computers/technology/whatever you want to call it now. If you need a techie, or know of someone that does, please send them my way. Unless I land one of the positions listed above, I’m available for work!

Peace, Judi


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