Monday, September 24, 2007

An Old Profile

Hi All, Below is the profile I was using on my Etsy store ( until today. I've decided to use my bio there for more business information, but don't want to lose this crazy thing I've written about myself. (BTW, first red scarf is nearly done, been rather warm for knitting the last week or so.) Hope you enjoy:

Long ago in a far away galaxy, well actually not that long ago and only a few miles from here, an artistic soul took human form on this here planet Earth, and her name was given as Judi. In 8 years time she had learned to sew by hand, and by the time 8 more years passed, she was sewing almost all of her own clothes.
During this time Judi also learned to aim and shoot a Brownie, camera that is. (She also learned to bake and eat brownies, but that’s a story for another day.) After the Brownie came a series of small, point-and-shoot cameras – for one, a Kodak Instamatic with the cube of flash that sat on top, how many of you remember that oldie but goodie? Eventually, the 35mm SLR became her equipment of choice. Now, it’s digital 90% of the time. Judi says “I still prefer the look of photos taken with film and processed in a darkroom, but the digital method seems so much less harmful to our Mother, planet Earth.”
Meanwhile, the fiber arts were not forgotten. Knitting, crocheting, beading, weaving, cross stitch, needlepoint, latch hooking, and more came into Judi’s hands; some stayed a short while, others still live on in her heart and hands.
Now let’s fast forward to 1998. Judi decided to make her own Christmas cards that year. She had made her own cards before, but that was the year she began making her cards with one of her own photographs. For many years, her holiday greetings have been a handmade treasure. A message was stamped and embossed (another fun craft) on the inside and the photograph was affixed to the front on the outside. So many compliments were received from so many recipients; some said “You should go into business.”
In 2006, Judi attended a 20 week class called the Entrepreneurial Training Program (ETP) at Northern Essex Community College after accepting a most generous severance package from her former employer. The program taught how to create a business plan, an excellent business plan.
The plan for the Judi FitzPatrick Studio includes creating note and greeting cards, photographic enlargements, and many fiber related ideas still in the works. Thanks for your support.

Please come back soon for some more of my rambling. Peace and prosperity to all. Judi

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