Saturday, December 15, 2007

Winter Is Here

Well, the calendar says winter starts the end of next week with the winter solstice, but the weather is already blustery and cold and snowy. We got about 10" of snow a couple of days ago, and now another 2-4", at least, is predicted to start overnight tonight.

Although I was born and brought up here in the northeast, it seems to me that I should be living someplace more temperate. Even with the heat set to 68 degrees F, my hands are freezing here inside my house. And outside, it's maybe 20 F if we're lucky. When I went for a walk earlier (no way I will drive to the center of town, especially on a Saturday, as parking is difficult at best) I had to cover my head and ears and I wore my down parka. At least the wind didn't penetrate those layers. Sadly, we probably have another 3-4 months of this to "look forward to".

A great big thank you to my neighbor, Jim, for helping me to shovel the end of my driveway. This is the really heavy part where the plows push in the real mess from the street. It is heavy and awful. If he hadn't helped I'm sure it would have been many more hours before I got through it all. Hooray for helpful neighbors!

If you've started feeding the birds, please continue to do so. If they didn't leave the area, they will need the help as the snow covers what they would find on the ground.

And if you have to shovel, tonight's storm is supposed to contain the heavy stuff - please take your time and save your back and heart!

Until we meet again, warm wishes for a wonderful holiday season.


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CSD Faux Finishing said...

Walked to the "center" myself today to mail presents & other stuff. Wind was at my face on the way there & I swear the tears that formed in my eyes froze to my little eyeballs least on the way back I only had a cold bum :-P Luckily our center is not as far as yours but it sounds like you fared well anyway.

Pack me in your suitcase when you head for that temperate climate will ya?