Tuesday, January 1, 2008

~*~*~HAPPY NEW YEAR~*~*~

Welcome to 2008!

While reviewing one of my new calendars this morning I noticed that we will not have a "blue moon" this year. There are only 12 full moons and each one is in a different month. The Cold Moon will be on January 22nd at 8:35 AM.

Mercury will go retrograde three times, so be prepared for potential communication problems 1/28-2/18, 5/26-6/19, and 9/24-10/15.

My systa and I went to Maine yesterday. We had a chance to view a very recent snowfall and how it clung to trees, shrubs, and structures. We both snapped lots of photos. See above for one of mine taken at the York Information Center Rest Stop.

Enjoy 2008; may peace, prosperity, and love be yours!


Julie said...

There are times I miss snow...

I grew up in PA where snow was a way of life for a good part of the year; now though, living in SC, snow is little more than the stuff of Christmas carols and cards. Overall, I don't miss it. I prefer the sunny blue skies (such as today's), but there's something about the perfect, clean, quiet of new snow that makes you hush from the inside out.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Judi. I look forward to exploring your artwork!

Happy New Year!


Julie said...

Judi, as you've seen, I'm pretty new to blogger. I've got a question I was hoping you could help me with -- I imagine the answer is really basic, but even after searching, I can't find the answer elsewhere. How do you get the image thumbnail to show with your feed?

Thanks in advance for your help (and for humoring me)!


PS feel free to email me at artjewl(at) :)

CSD Faux Finishing said...

The answer to how to pretty up a rest area is revealed :) This is so nice. haven't seen S's pic invite yet but will keep my eye out for hers & yours too. So nice that 2008 is rolling in in a quiet & fun way huh?

Julie said...

... nevermind my previous question. Guess I just needed to wait. :)