Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Louisville Impressions – Part 15

As of this writing, Hilary Clinton is the projected winner here in Kentucky. 79% of the votes have been tallied, she is ahead 68% to Obama’s 32%.

I heard earlier that Mrs. Clinton was going to be only a block or two away from where I am residing. I’m not going out celebrity hunting, but it’s cool to think she is so close by. Mr. Obama was in the city very recently as well. And on Sunday last, Ron Paul was at the Palace Theater which is just across the street from where I’ve been working!

Heading home to MA for the weekend; can’t wait for Erin’s graduation and to see the rest of the family and my friends. Next update will most likely be next week, after Memorial Day.

Peace to all, Judi

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CSD Faux Finishing said...

Any sightings? Speaking of, see you tomorrow! Travel safely :~D