Tuesday, September 16, 2008


1. If you live in Massachusetts, please vote in the state primary.

2. If you live in eastern Massachusetts, and are looking for a small-town event on Saturday, try attending Arlington's Town Day. The library will be offering it's annual book sale.

Peace, Judi

3. Just found that one of my photos was featured in the RedBubble TTV group a few days ago; you can see the group here until the next featured work is shown.

This is the photo:


CSD Faux Finishing said...

I so love that picture, very "real life", in that style it is a nice marriage of modern and vintage. Kudos on so many recent features!!!

I have lunch plans with a friend Saturday, guess I'll miss Townie Day again this year. Oh well, not too bummed about it and we'll probably still go to the fireworks on Friday night. You going?

BTW, I love that you quoted Jim's Irish Alzheimer's lol. I cracked up at that one true lol

ppdesigns said...

congrats on the feature!!!

High Desert Diva said...

Cool! Glad your photo was featured!

Arty Allsorts said...

WTG with the Redbubble feature - hope you're having some luck over there!