Saturday, February 28, 2009

Eagle Cam

Happy Saturday,

A friend sent me this link to Norfolk Botanical Garden's Eagle Cam. The bald eagle mom is currently sitting on 3 eggs. There are archives from the days the eggs were laid and more, as well as the live feed.

Hope you enjoy. (I've added the link in my list of other great links on the right, as well, so it will always be easy to find.)

Peace, Judi


Karen said...

Thanks for posting this Judi... it is so cool! I've bookmarked it and will go back daily to see the progress of the eggs. We live in MT and saw a Bald Eagle circling a big field near our house the other day. They are magnificent birds!

Audrey said...

That's so cool!! We get bald eagles up here once in a while. It's amazing how big they are!!
Hope the eggs all hatch - would be really cute!!

Kenna Elizabeth said...

Ahhh... beautiful bald eagles. I remember climbing in the cliffs behind our house in the mountains when I was a kid. There were bald eagles nesting at the top of those cliffs-- they were amazing. Even then, we knew to share politely and not disturb them... funny what kids know inherently, eh? :)

myan said...

judi thanks for posting that! i'm originally from norfolk so it was a double treat for me! :)

CSD Faux Finishing said...

Very cool, will keep my eye on this. Hmmm...might make a great GLR post & I'll get you some link love :)

Hey, we should catch up today about your thoughts on where you would like to go tomorrow night :)

bbb said...

vey cooool Judi!

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Thanks, everyone, for stopping by and commenting. I'm going to go check on them now!
Peace, Judi