Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's Time To Come Clean

I've been trying to keep a secret from much of the world since March. It's now time to come clean and share the news.

 On 3/20/2012 I closed on a casita-style home in Tucson, AZ. Shortly thereafter, my Massachusetts home went on the market. Not being one for convention, I moved most of my worldly goods to AZ in April, leaving only enough furniture in MA to support my living there until a sale was completed.

That sale was closed on Tuesday, 7/10/2012, to my delight. So, the attic clean out wasn't just for spring or summer cleaning, it had to be done before the sale went through. Everything that was up there was either trashed, donated, gifted, or small enough to come here with me in my suitcase.

In all, I made three round trips between the 2 locations. I'll try to write up some details of what occurred during each time in MA and each time in AZ in later posts. I will also share some pics of my new digs soon.

For now, please "enjoy" these photos of last week's trash/recycle. (BTW, I had almost as much again this week, but failed to take any pics.)
Goodbye JUNK!

 Peace to all, Judi


Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

YEA!! So glad you made the jump and moved out to the southwest too :-) See you soon at your place or ours!

Suldog said...

Oh, my! We're losing YOU to Arizona, too? Massachusetts is now doubly-poorer.

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Jim, you are so sweet to say that. The good thing is, we can still be in touch via blogs and other technology. Certainly a lot better than when my ancestors left the old sod of Ireland. (And just think, I may be casting a few blue votes in this red state!)

Jenn, thanks, hope I will see you soon. We have a whole lot of events to celebrate!

Peace, Judi/Mum