Thursday, January 10, 2013

Scarf For Wendy 2013-010

This is the 10th day of making a photo a day.

Via Flickr:
Been working on this project over a rather long elapsed time. When my elbow acted up, I couldn't knit for quite a while. Then as it got better, I could only do a couple of rows at a time. Elbow is doing much better so hoping to finish the scarf soon.
1. So I can give it to Wendy.
2. Before winter is over.
3. Because so many other projects await!

Processed first in GIMP, then in LR just some minor hue tweak of table.

Peace, Judi


Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Scarves can be good anytime of year when worn with the right outfit, especially in summer at work when they crank up those ac units!

Speaking of knitting...the socks you fixed for me last year have sprung new holes :-( Will bring next time I see you so you can take a look but they may be beyond repair this time. I am sad, love these!

JudisJems said...

You are right, especially this type as she will wear it outside a jacket, mostly.

I'll do what I can with the socks, but no promises. They were iffy the last time; just depends where they've sprung!