Monday, April 15, 2013

M is for Mouse - 2013-105

Via Flickr:
Half of a salt and pepper set.

The other half of the set is a wedge of cheese, and there is a very cute story that goes with this.

Once my sister, brother, and I were gone from the family home, my parents would take very long driving vacations all around the USA. My Dad was retired, and my Mom had a seasonal job which gave her more than the summer off.

My mother loved the Corning Factory Outlet in Corning, NY, makers of Corningware and Pyrex; the catalog was delivered to my parents' house via mail. This was one of the stops they made each year.

One year, before they went, the issue that arrived had a large, glass mouse and cheese on the cover - it looked exquisite, and cost a fortune. In jest I asked my parents to buy that for me as the souvenir they would bring to me. Of course they couldn't do that even if they wanted to, but did find this salt and pepper set somewhere along the trip and brought that instead. Brings back all kinds of wonderful memories of the love they had for me.

Happy Monday and peace to all.

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