Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Z is for ZOTZ! - 2013-120

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This book from 1947 is a favorite.

In 1962 it was made into a movie which starred Tom Poston. If you are familiar with his work, you know it was a comedy. I was not alive in 1947, but was old enough in ’62 to see the movie – and remember loving it.

They gave us coins at the theater – see the film to understand why. I thought I still had my ZOTZ! coin, but alas it seems to have been lost along the way.

I found the book at a yard sale some years ago and read it. To sum up the book very briefly, it is a commentary on governmental bureaucracy – someone tries to help the government end the war and is sent from one department to another to another with his special skills.

I won’t give away any more than that, please read it for yourself if you are interested. (I don’t think that the movie completely followed the storyline of the book, but I could be mistaken – 1962 was a long time ago!)

Anyway, it just seemed the perfect end to this unofficial alphabet challenge – and you get 2 Zs for the price of one!

Peace to all, Judi

Edit: P.S. Movie info here:

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