Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fabric fiesta - 2013-268 and Lightroom Madness

Here is fabric hung in a closet-edited with PicGram and Instagram. Colors have been inverted, just for fun.

On another note:
Thank the Goddess for backups - my Lightroom 5 catalog was corrupt today, although OK on 9/22.

The backup from 9/18 was also corrupt (strange since the catalog was OK on 9/22,) but the previous one from 9/9 was A-OK.

I've restored (a very simple process) but now must import all images created since then - as well as try to recreate how some of them were processed since that info was kept inside the catalog.

At least it's only a couple of weeks, but much work to be recreated!

I think I will have to start backing up every time I exit LR, rather than just once a week.

Now off to recreate 2 weeks' worth of work.

Peace to all,

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