Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Random Thoughts

It's a rainy Wednesday, wish I could send some of this water to Georgia where they really need it for drinking or California to help put out those fires. I will shortly look for some way I can actually help them out.

Jenn is coming by today to pick up some things and we will "do lunch"; it's a rare opportunity I get to spend with my older daughter by herself.

Then I'm attending an Alzheimer's symposium regarding possible (or known) links between the disease and diabetes. Since AD has already affected so many of the elders in my family, it's good to learn anything that can help me avoid this disease, if possible. My aunt Jeannie died last Saturday; she was one of the affected relatives. I am thankful she is finally at peace. I always wished I looked like her as she was my most glamorous female relation. She will be missed.

I've been taking a Photoshop class at a local photo/camera shop. Although I get the concepts, I'm having a hard time knowing when to use each technique for any given photo. Last night's class was postponed to next Tuesday; during this last class I hope I'll finally be able to figure it out.

I've been knitting an entrelac bag and will post some photos when it is done, before and after felting. Stay tuned for that; might be a better day all around.


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