Monday, March 3, 2008

The Word is Silence – Part 1 – The Sounds of Silence

I’ve been planning to write this for several days now – have notes and thoughts in order. However, the word silence has now taken on new meaning, so I will digress for a moment.

I am one of the 700,000 Oprah/Eckhart class attendees who began the “A New World” webinar attendance tonight. For the first 20 minutes, the voice and video were going along just fine. Then, suddenly, it began to stutter, and finally got so bad that it stopped completely. Now in another time, maybe if I hadn’t just read this book, I would have been very upset and screaming at my “stupid computer”. But now I know that this “silence” is just how it is supposed to be tonight. I’ll catch up with the podcast tomorrow or Wednesday. For the “now” silence is the way thus giving me time to write this blog post.

On to the Sounds of Silence.

No matter where you go in this world, there is no complete silence. Here (or is that hear ;-) ) are some of the sounds I have found when attempting to be in silence:
1. falling snow landing on trees, other snow, the driveway, the car
2. falling rain hitting gutters, trees, the ground
3. wind blowing past ones ears
4. birds chirping or cawing or cooing in close or some distance away
5. the sand beneath your feet at the beach
6. the plane overhead even in the remotest part of the wilderness
7. the clock bonging or church bells chiming
8. a police or fire engine siren

For the most part, the sounds above are out of my control. To me, these are the sounds of silence I want to hear.

Next post I’ll give some ideas of how I try to bring silence to my life.

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CSD Faux Finishing said...

This is wonderful! Sounds that I love to hear as well are birds chirping when I wake up to find that the sun is finally shining and also the furious sound of my hand moving across paper as my pen writes in my journal :)

Way to capitalize on the "hear" & now of the silence that came during the class by posting this post. Inspiration can truly come out of anything :)