Sunday, April 13, 2008

Louisville Part 7

Yesterday was the event that kicks off Kentucky Derby season – 3 weeks filled with 70 events. Thunder Over Louisville began at 3:00 PM with an air show. There were civilian and military aircraft flying over the Ohio River and the city until about 9:30 PM. The last of this show included planes with fireworks shooting out of their wings – spectacular. Sadly I was not in a position to get any shots of this as I was in the crowd heading towards the river and just couldn’t stop; my impression is it was like watching birds flying with comets trailing from their wings.

The event continued with a 30-minute fireworks display that rivaled the Boston 4th of July event on the Charles. Some of the items were shot from the 2nd Street Bridge, including the shooting of Howitzers for added thunder! The waterfall-type show near the end was just amazing.

The weather prediction for the event was 30-50% chance of rain, but thankfully it held off. It was extremely cold, however. Good thing I flew here with wool lining in my raincoat, a knitted hat-scarf, and lined gloves – I wore them all over several other layers. Checking out some weather information on line, it’s been colder and messier here than in Boston the last few days. Hope you’re enjoying the weather where you are.

Today it’s been raining for several hours and it is still in the 40s. The area is under a freeze watch for the next couple of nights – hello, people, it’s April 13th. At home I’d be starting to turn the garden and put in some of the cold weather crops; isn’t this part of the county in a warmer planting zone? Oh, well, soon enough it will be hot and we’ll be complaining about that, right?

Don’t know what other events I may get to, but please come back often to check it out here.

Peace to all, Judi

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CSD Faux Finishing said...

Well think of it this way...if it was awesome weather right now (here or there) you would maybe be upset you were not home to actually turn the garden and start planting so this way it pushes the season off further so when you get back you can enjoy doing those things that much more right? This of course is assuming you don't have a garden to work in there...???

The air show & fireworks sound awesome! I will get over to your online album tomorrow to check them all out! Keep the updates coming :~)

Love ~ Jenn