Monday, September 22, 2008

Meet Me At The Fair

I attended The Big E on 9/21 with my sister and a friend of ours. We were thinking the last time we went there together was probably 5 years ago – not much has changed!

There are two Ferris Wheels on the midway as well as many other rides, games to be played, and rubber ducks to be picked up in hopes of the big prize. We all got the small prize - oh well!

It's called The Big E - real name Eastern States Exposition. All of New England plus parts of New York are represented in agriculture and other local products. Each New England state has its own building where these local products are displayed and sold. For instance - in both Mass and Maine there were lobster rolls for sale, as well as maple syrup. Of course Vermont also had the maple syrup and flannel clothing.

In the aggie portion - cows (including my favorite Belted Galloways), sheep, goats, llama, chicks, and more.

There was also a petting zoo for the young’uns.

The Budweiser and Hallamore clydesdales were all there dragging their wagons during the end-of-day parade around the fair grounds along with numerous floats from which Mardi Gras beads were tossed to excited children (big and small!)

We stayed over 8 hours and still didn't see it all, but we sure had fun! Hope to go back again in the next few years.
You can still go as this fair doesn't close until the 28th. Check the web site for more details, and no need to tell you to have fun!

Peace, Judi


CSD Faux Finishing said...

Great photos :) Looks & sounds like you ladies had a fantastic time. Wow 8 hours you must have all slept like wee babies when you got home, especially since that is probably closer to a 12-13 hour day for all of you with the drive and all. Clearly it was a great time! Did you have that cream puff for me? Looking forward to seeing all the pictures :)

Suldog said...

Having worked as a carny, fairs and such don't hold the same thrill as they used to. However, I still very much enjoy the agricultural exhibits and exhibition halls. Glad you had a fun time!

High Desert Diva said...

I can't remember the last time I went to the fair.

John-Michael said...

I do believe that one of the Fair's best offerings is its reliable of what you said in your "not much has changed!" Such a comfortable joy is found in the "ordinary" and "predictable" of a Fair. Kind of a "Home Base" for all sorts of fragrance, texture, and taste-driven sensations and emotions that are part and parcel of the character of a Fair. Thank you, so much, for this refreshing of countless feelings and memories.

Lovingly ...

Regina said...

I love ferris wheels. Looks like a great time!