Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Red Tail Hawk x 2 And Happy Square Root Day!

Suburban hawk
found on my walk,
we didn't talk.

These pics are from last Saturday, near the Mystic Lakes. I was very close when he landed in this tree. There was roadkill nearby which I think he was hoping to grab, but he flew away without it.

Today is Square Root Day - there are only 9 each century. The month (3) times the day (3) equals the year (9). Next one won't be until April 4, 2016.

Today is not only Square Root Day, but also my birthday. I am now officially ancient!

Peace to all, Judi


CSD Faux Finishing said...

You are not older than dirt, therefore you are not ancient yet ;P Happy birthday!!!

That hawk is AWESOME!! Wow, what a lucky shot to be so close...I was going to say it could be a good shot for the book but you already included a little poetry there lol :)

Unknown said...

Great shots of the red tail! I had no idea it was square root day. LOL

Celtic Cat said...

Wow, that is interesting, Judi!

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