Friday, June 19, 2009

The Games People Play

Just a quick update - I've added a Sudoku game in the right sidebar for your gaming pleasure. Please don't blame me if you can't get anything else done!

Peace, Judi

Edit 06/22/2009: Thanks Ginger for the link to the "rules":

No math involved, just some figuring what to put where.


Marlene said...

Hi Judi, I have never played Suduko, I really don't like math.

CSD Faux Finishing said...

I've never played either, you will have to explain the rules to me sometime because I just don't get it at all!

disabled account said...

mwah-ah-ah-ah! this is your way of getting more page visits, huh? :)

disabled account said...

here are some rules, jenn.
basically, you just have to fill in the squares with numbers from 1-9. each section needs a 1-9 and each row/column also has 1-9, with no repeat numbers in the same row, column or section.
it's not math, just a puzzle.

Unknown said...

Fun addition to your blog!
BTW, you have been awarded the Premio Meme Award.