Friday, January 1, 2010

Prepared To Paint

I have decided to try the Project 365 again. I stopped last year in March at about 180 days of my first year due to anticipation of not having time when taking on a "real job".

I realized later on that keeping at it would be best, but decided to wait until 1/1/10 and align the project with the calendar.

This first shot is my downstairs bathroom windo taped and ready for primer, then paint. Hopefully it won't be too many days before I complete all the steps and can post the after pic.

Happy New Year and may you all find 2010 to be peaceful and prosperous!

Peace, Judi


Marlene said...

What is Project 365??? Sounds interesting. Good Luck with your painting project.

Celtic Cat said...

I should take a page from your book, and get to work on my own Project 365!
Which would be painting my bathroom!

Happy New Year!

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Marlene - Project 365 began on Flickr as a plan to take one photo a day for 365 days. There are numerous Flickr groups now above and beyond the original. Hopefully the weather will cooperate for the painting to proceed.

Cathy - have fun painting your bathroom, and enjoy P365 if you decide to join.