Friday, August 13, 2010

Vegan Brownies On Antique Plate

A boring title today. Made these brownies a couple of days ago and saved them for last Wednesday night's knitting group meeting. You can find the recipe here:

My batch of brownies came out a little heavy, slightly dry, so I will have to play with this recipe a little when making it again. Maybe I'll add grain sweetened, non-dairy chocolate chips next time?

I must say, the dryness is not an issue when topped with soy "ice cream".
If you make them, please give a big thanks to Ginger on her blog.

Peace to all, Judi


joanna's foto said...

oh, Judi- those brownies look yummy!

So- what's you current knitting project? :)

CSD Faux Finishing said...

Chocolate = Yum, no matter how you make it!

disabled account said...

i heart you. xoxoxo - you know, you could enter this link as a contribution to The Dish this month since it's an anything goes month.
good photo too. much better than my blackberry blog photos. :)

Celtic Cat said...

Yummmo! They look good to me! Will check out the recipe.

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Joanna, just finished a shrug I've been posting about in my 365 on Flickr. It's ready to have the seams sewn up.

Jenn, totally agree!

Ginger, but this is your recipe. I'll have to go check out your blog for further details!

Cathy, hope you have a chance to try them.

Peace, Judi