Monday, April 4, 2011

Feature Friday on Monday - PumpkinRidgePottery

Well, last Friday came and went without a blog feature. I found this pottery shop and figured I might as well feature it today!

The shop, Pumpkin Ridge Pottery, has several cute and original items. This Cut Out Leaf Candle Holder caught my eye.

From the shop announcement:
"I enjoy creating artistic pieces by hand as well as wheel thrown projects. My inspiration comes from living in the mountains and constantly being outside taking walks in the woods or gardening. Most of my creations have to do with nature.

All clays and glazes are mid-range and food and microwave safe. Some pieces may have handles or other attachments which may not be suitable for the dishwasher or microwave."

I hope you're all enjoying viewing these features as much as I'm enjoying creating them.

Peace, Judi


Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Potters fascinate me! I remember having an opportunity to do a little with pottery back in Junior High and I enjoyed it so much but its a huge investment in time, space & stuff so I never pursued it further. But it made me really appreciate how much work is involved in each piece and this one you shared is gorgeous! Great feature :-)

Judi FitzPatrick said...

I always wanted to try it, didn't have the school opportunity and haven't looked for a class. I'm so happy you like the piece and hope you'll check out her shop for other beauties!