Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Winter is Here

And that is making me think of summer and flowers and warm breezes.

Don't get me wrong, now that I'm in Arizona the weather and temperatures are certainly better than in Boston (at least for me.) But it doesn't take much for me to feel chilly.

If you feel the same, maybe you want to bring summer to your home all the time? This lovely, summery tile is now available in my Zazzle shop:

Along with these matching coasters, you'd have a wonderful gift for a wedding or anniversary or birthday.

Enjoy looking at them in any event, while Dreaming of warmer days to come.

Happy 2013 and may you have the best year yet!

Peace, Judi

1 comment:

Suldog said...

Hey, nice to hear from you again! Hope the holidays have been decent for you (last I heard, Jenn was not feeling so hot...)