Friday, January 11, 2013

Eastern View Pano 2013-011

Via Flickr:
Looking east to what I believe are the Catalina Mountains, saw this view on a late afternoon walk today. The mountain on the left is snow-capped below those clouds.

Two images stitched together with camera software, the stitching healed in GIMP. In LR, auto tone applied, HSL adjustments, vignetting.

The temps are expected to drop to around 24F tonight and may do so for the next several nights. Bundle up Tucsonans!

Peace, Judi


Satvika Viktarini said...

Cool landscape, thanks for sharing.

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Celtic Cat said...

Awesome capture, Julie!

JudisJems said...

Thank you, Windows Plus Door.

Thanks so much, Cathy!

Peace, Judi