Monday, November 11, 2013

Not Our Friends - 2013-314 - Sunday

Via Flickr:
So I've bought a new old house and am preparing it for moving in.
1. All plumbing being replaced and up to code.
2. Eliminating nasty carpet in two bedrooms.
3. Replacing kitchen counter, sink, and faucet.
4. Some minor electrical work.
All of the above being done by pros.

There is a royal mess in the backyard (as well as some things inside the house) which I am working on cleaning out myself.
1. 40 dirty rubber ducks found, 39 in the trash.
2. 14 fake Xmas trees (shown), 4 so far in trash.
3. Oodles of curtains and draperies - brought many home for washing - many will go to charity such as Goodwill.
4. 10 Halloween pumpkins - not sure whether to give or toss just yet.
There are other things that will surface in time, I'm sure!
Have a great week everyone!

Peace for all,

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