Monday, March 24, 2008

Louisville Impressions

Been here 3 days now, here are some of my first impressions:

- Lots of visual arts items around where I am staying – must take photos!
- Much of downtown closes down after 6:00 PM; even Subway wasn’t open to get a sandwich. Had dinner tonight at a Mediterranean (Middle Eastern really) deli – Vegetable Paradise – tabouleh, feta, and hummus in pita with lettuce, tomato, and pickle – delicious!
- No grocery stores nearby, will have to shop at Walgreen’s. One Kroger, I was told by a nice young woman, is a scary place to go. Suggested another store about 4 minutes away (but need a car to get there, she said not to walk it – again, too scary.)
- So far weather is just like Boston – cold, windy, and below normal. Higher temps predicted for the next few days.
- No smog.
- Lots of medical buildings in the area, plus Jefferson Community College.
- Theater just a couple of blocks away will soon have Celtic Women, The High Kings, and a couple of other interesting shows.
- There are some museums northwest of here – may be able to get there via bus.
- Full-time employees and the other contractors all seem very nice.
- Good cafeteria in building – grill special today was a veggie burger – of course I forgot about it by the time I got inside and ordered lunch! Duh!
- There is a small but well-equipped fitness center in hotel, a slightly smaller one in apartment complex, and a huge on in building where I am working (need to have a fitness assessment before you can use that one. With all my years at Jazzercise ™, should pass with flying colors.)

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CSD Faux Finishing said...

I am definitely my mother's daughter...I love the fact that like 3 food related impressions came before commenting on your impresions from the new job :)

Sounds great so far, off to check out the sequel & trilogy blogs now :)