Sunday, May 18, 2008

Louisville Impressions – Part 14

It was a beautiful weekend, weatherwise. I spent most of Saturday outdoors, both taking photos and stopping to read (The Power Of Now) on the numerous benches in parks around the city. It was a good photo shoot (sadly only have the P&S camera here now) and the walking / reading was very relaxing.

I still cannot get over how much of the city here has empty storefronts and crumbling buildings. It does seem that some areas are being worked on, but it’s going to take a very long time, IMHO, to bring the city back to life.

The news yesterday reported that GE is going to close their appliance factory here; this is the third large employer in the area – the others being Ford and Colgate (just across the Ohio River in Indiana) – to announce closing their doors. No matter how good the meteorological weather is, there is a major cloud over the financial future of the city and it surrounds.

I can see that there are lots of arts related projects in the works, but sadly this type of business will not replace as many jobs as the above mentioned manufacturing facilities will be eliminating. The hostess in a local restaurant is planning to move back to the northeast with her husband where currently jobs are more plentiful; she sited these same factory closings as a major reason why.

Next weekend I’ll be heading back to Boston to attend my niece’s college graduation from U Mass, Amherst – go Erin! I’m looking forward to seeing her launched into the next phase of her life. More on that next time.

Until then, peace to all, Judi

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I know some people say lol and don't mean it but that 'cars will be launched' photo actually made me lol. Great find!!! Would fit in well with my vast array of interesting signs

See you this weekend!