Saturday, January 9, 2010


Extra blankets ready to help, it was only 18 degrees Fahrenheit at 9:30 PM.

Dear readers, I hope you are warm and comfortable.

Peace, Judi


Marlene said...

Now that's cold, but your blankets are great, love the colors, they make a wonderful photo. Stay warm.

Celtic Cat said...

It is cold here in Michigan, but sunny! Great captures on the blankets!

CSD Faux Finishing said...

Pretty colors, is it just happenstance they are very southwest in these frigid temps? Hmmm... ;-)

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Marlene, thanks so much. It is finally back into the high 20s / low 30s.

Cathy, thank you, too!

Jenn, as it happens one is from either Mexico or South America, but the other is actually from Nova Scotia - it is the NS plaid!

Thanks everyone, keep warm if you can.

Peace, Judi