Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Louisville Part 9 and More

Happy Earth Day! Hope you take the opportunity to show your love for your “mother” and do one new thing that will help the planet. For instance, as your light bulbs need replacing, why not replace them with compact fluorescent ones? Or consider recycling even the tiniest pieces of paper, every little bit helps.

After work tonight I went to the Tuesday night exercise class taught by the young woman who works in the gym. Tonight’s session was called “Butts and Guts” and wow did we work ‘em. Since I haven’t worked out for over 4 weeks, I fear major muscle rebellion by the morning. It was fun, for something that seemed to be killing us!

The weather was great yesterday and even better today – spring is finally here! Flowers have popped open all over the place and it’s comfortable to be outside without a coat on – my kind of weather.

Peace to all, Judi

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CSD Faux Finishing said...

Woo hoo for workouts & flowers all in the same week! Buds are finally popping out on the trees here too & it was 87 yesterday...yes that is right. I spent as much time as possible outside & plan more of the same for today even though it is cooler. The windows are open & wind is blowing a warm summer breeze :~) I blogged today, hope you get a chance to check it out!
Love ~ Jenn